Question of the Week: What’s your favorite engine name?


While car models often get names that evoke a beautiful animal or exotic locale, their engines also sometimes get an equally impressive name touting their performative qualities.

Mopar had some of the most badass engine names—think Fire Dome and Sonoramic Commando V-8. Chevrolet small-blocks were labeled Turbo-Fire, their Rochester EFI was called Ramjet, and big-blocks were Turbo-Jet. In GMC guise the V-8s were called Invader. Ford had Super Cobra Jet, and now has the Coyote as well as the Voodoo.

Plenty of engine names suggest longevity, for example Buick’s Dauntless V-6, GM’s Duramax diesels, or Nissan’s Endurance V-8. Others suggest their winning ways like Pontiac’s Trophy V-8 and inline four.

Do you have a favorite engine name? Tell us about it in comments.