Question of the Week: What’s your favorite four-door?


1968-1972 Mercedes 300SEL 6.3.


I always liked the 51 to 53 Hudsons with the suicide doors. I always liked Those Hudsons!


Bimmer e38 series. Currently selling one of mine while shopping for another.


1969 to 1972 Mercedes 280SE - Refined, Defined!


1956 Lincoln – Worked @ L-M Dealership in '56 (gofer)–just love 'em until today. Also love the early/mid 60’s w/ suicide rear doors etc…


1968 Buick Wildcat 4dr hdtp looked better than the 2dr coupe


I sold my “Four Door” beauty only because the offer was…well I couldn’t resist but as with many of my “past” classics; I wish I would have kept it. I always was sort of sitting in the back row with this classic; not only because when you told others what it was (make/model) it didn’t strike a “Classic” or “Muscle Car” key right off the bat and then when you said it was a “4 Door” well that truly made many just reply with an “oh, nice car”. What I did notice was that the younger group, those that have lived and seen almost nothing but “4 Doors” didn’t mind the extra set at all, actually preferred it. OK, the car, the “4 Door” that I loved and wish I didn’t sale; 1975 Ford Maverick Police Interceptor - take down lights and all, really was a cool ride.1975maverickinterceptor_001


In my opinion, any BMW ///M5.


1960’s Continental Convertible. 4 doors, convertible, and swag…


1992 Ford SHO, powered by a Yamaha engine that could redline at 8500 mated to a 5 Spd


Few Youtube videos if you want to see more of my past 1975 Ford Maverick “4 Door” Police Interceptor…many I miss that car:


The 1951 Mercury Sport Sedan. My opinion with suicide doors it is hard to beat, weather it is all original or chopped. Last year of the body style.


My favorite 4 door, 1957 Chevrolet Belair hardtop. There weren’t many but they sure are pretty with all the windows down.


My favorite 4 door is a 1956 Chrysler Newport / New Yorker. This model is a hardtop without a center post. We had a fabulous green and white one in the 60’s.


my favorite is a 56 chevy 4door bel air hard top it was the first year for that model and are getting had to find


Lots of honorable mentions here so far, and the '60s suicide-door Lincolns are almost my favorite; but the absolute apex of the 4-door to me is the '57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Make mine black with the grey cloth interior.


1960’s Bentley Flying Spur
Maserati Quattroporte
1960’s Lincoln Continental
1958 Cadillac Eldorado
Late 1940’s/Early 1950’s Buicks


The 1961-1967 Lincoln Continental Convertibles are not just great looking 4 door cars but rank high on many “most beautiful” car lists that include all cars.


I have two:

  1. The top of the list goes to the 1991 Cadillac STS for all around performance from zero to 120mph, the ability to corner, seats that made you feel like you were strapping yourself into a P51 Mustang and ready to take on anything out there that wanted to play including those pour excuse of anything powered with the rightly so discontinued Northstar Cadillac V8. I drove one into the ground like an animal for 12 years and 175K miles with no major failures until my 92 year old mother, who has dementia, hit her head on the A pillar, getting in it to take her to the hospital ER.She blamed the car for blurred visions and headaches, which doctors proved her wrong but that is what dementia is all about, and I ended up in a 1998 Cadillac SLS as her taxi which like our 1994 Cadillac ETC was powered by a Northstar disastrous motor.If you don’t believe me…Go on Ebay and look at any model built with one from 1993 to 1999 with around 100K miles.Look at the asking price and the fine print…Leaks, temperature and head gasket issues IF they are honest sellers.
  2. Let us call it a looker but what a tank! The 1956 Mercury Medalist 4 dr ht Phaeton with the mighty 312CI / 235 HP special motor (cam) upgrade for mid year 4 dr ht with an AT trans.A bullet proof motor in a car which was too heavy and geared for 55 mph speed limits and steering gear made for a Greyhound bus. We, my wife and I, drove that beast every where, a few 900 mile round trips to car shows, for over 10 years but it was a handful at any speed but sounded and looked the best of all the old cars we ever had in the past 40+ years but I thank God that it is out of our hair now a days…


$ The 1958 Mercury Park Lane 430 cu.in. 4 door Hard Top