Question of the Week: What’s your favorite four-door?


Such an easy question! I wish questions of this caliber were on my Grammar School tests… A 1963 Continental convertible! Hands down!! Disclosure… all my cars, in my collection and daily driver are convertibles


The stepdown Hudsons looked great as 4 door sedan, with a chopped look from the factory. Looked much sleeker than the hardtop models with the large tall greenhouse !


Well I guess if I had to pick I’d say for me it would be a 1972 Dodge Polara. I had one of these cars years ago and I just loved the way it looked for a four door. It was also very comfortable, and had a nice ride to it.


n1932 Chevy Confederate Sedan !


I am prejudice as it is my car!


1950-52 Chevy Fastbacks, The 2 door & 4 door models had nearly identical profiles. The rear doors were tiny almost-triangular affairs which allowed the very good looking body shape to be retained. Much much better looking than the standard 4-doors which were downright homely.


72 280sel 4.5 salt and pepper carpet, solid, dependable, diplomatic, refined, defined agreed.


When it comes to styling, I think that the late series 1965-67 Corvair 4-door hardtop Sport Sedan is one of the cleanest and most modern designs to come out of the 1960’s. The late series redesign of the suspension and refinements to the power train created a very European feel to the handling and vehicle dynamics. Arguably the 1967 model was at the peak of development and refinement, having integrated the 1966 MTMVSA mandated safety equipment and not yet requiring AIR [smog] equipment for the 49-state cars.

Here is a photo of my original two-tone paint 1967 Corvair 500 Sport Sedan with only 22k miles.


A great looking vehicle. I have a 99 e38. One of six imported to North America in Biarritz Blue 363 and Sand Beige N8sn inside. .


The Late Model ('65-7) Corvair 4 door is my definition of a classic design. There simply is no wrong angle from which to view it from, and it is a design that ages well. It may be over 50 years old, but it still looks modern today. As the designers of it told Dave Newell (noted Corvair historian) they did their best work on the Corvair 4 door.


My 4 door favourite might be the 1965-1966 Mercury Park Lane with the reverse-sloping rear roofline. Not only was it unusual, but the rear window could be rolled down for great ventilation. Just so KOOL!

Jim Boudreau of Halifax, Nova Scotia


I love the 60 Chrysler 4 dr ht wagon. But i drive a 58 Pontiac that i love since i can’t afford the two door version.


Last post-war 4 door convertible has to hold top honors with rear suicide doors to boot


My vote goes to the 65 Chevy Impala, this one has the Caprice package (RPOZ18). The sport sedan only has the pillar to door height, so with the windows down, it looks pretty tight for a 4-door.


!950 Chevrolet Fleetline DeLuxe


James Dean style, baby!


1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible - those suicide doors are magical!


My 1960 New Yorker is cute.


55 DeSoto


There are some great choices. There are so many beautiful sedans from the Packard Cadillac Ford Chrysler and even the Foreign Marques. The Sedan that is totally unique was the 1957 Mercury as it had the Jet Age Design to it very modern and very futuristic.The Turnpike Cruiser is beautiful with the antenna design and the ventilation system the reverse rear window. The design was beautiful and all of the series in the 4 Door Hardtop the Sedan the Coupe and Convertible.were as timeless today as it was in 1957. The 1957 Lincoln Premiere was also beautiful. The Cadillac with the Eldorado Brougham was incredible. For the Foreign Car the Citroen DS/ID was a revelation and Driving One was a pleasure and memorable at the same time. The 1970-1972 DS and D Special had a beautiful Dash Design.