Question of the Week: What’s your favorite four-door?


1969 Olds 98 Town sedan, Formal doesn’t get any better looking!



First of all there are two kinds of cars, Fords & Non-Fords. Four Doors are OK on a street rod up to 1940. After that they are all ugly.


No doubt ‘65 4door HT. was a unique ride. Mine was a 3 on the tree, 283, sounds great don’t you think?’

Took 4 chicks to Daytona Beach in '70… for Spring Break! Not one of them could drive a stick! From Mt. Pleasant., Mi.


Any one of these…%24_12


62 FURY 361 HP/727


I’m shocked I had to go through so many responses before I found the ultimate 4 door. Hands down the 60’s Continental.


I’m pretty much a 2 door guy but my latest hot rod is a four door Chrysler Town&Country New Yorker. They made the same wagon in a 2 door Dodge but I think the more door looks better.


My favorite is the 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood 4 door hard top with the chrome fender skirts followed closely by the 49-51 Merc and, Of course, the Lincoln Continentals of 63-67.


volvo 850 with a 5 speed manual transmission the 5 cylinder engine exhaust note with the right exhaust is so addictive just a blast to drive and practical too


I know it isn’t really that cool… but my first car, I bought in 1986 for $300 when I was 13 years old…
a 1963 Nova. 6 cylinder, 3-on-the-tree, and I added three 1-barrel carbs, headers, and dual exhaust. I wish I could have it back!


I don’t really have a favorite 4dr but I have to say your 58 Pontiac is a beautiful car nice lines and a fine automobile


Oh, yah!!!. It doesn’t even have to move to be art.
Can I have it? But…oh yah, I forgot. I already have a Maserati Quattroporte.


My favorite is the '63 or '64 Cadillac… in a light color… with 4 doors.


Contrary to this article’s author, the Sixties Lincolns only kept the 123" wheelbase from '61 to '63. In '64, and continuing through '69, the Lincoln’s wheelbase was 126". [No, NOT the Mark III.]

I had a '62 sedan for 29 years. I could still smell the factory red leather upon opening a door. But, they’re like a mistress: very nice… but very expensive maintenance. To compare, a similar vintage Cadillac’s maintenance would be HALF of such Lincolns. I have reason and experience to know.


“Step-Down” Hudsons did not come with rear-hinged rear doors: they were conventionally “hinged”.


55 Buick Century Riviera Sedan


That’s a Beauty! I hope to get my 50 Lincoln looking that great!


1940-41 Graham Hollywood


My favorite four-doors are the 1949-51 Kaiser and Frazer Travelers. These unique vehicles were the first American hatchbacks, with a full width opening in the rear and a foldable back seat, allowing full sheets of plywood or any other kind of large cargo to be carried. With the hatch closed and the seat in its regular position, the Traveler looked just like any other K-F sedan. I guess that, technically, it should be called a three-door since the driver’s side rear door was welded shut and the spare mounted on the inside of it, but it looks like a four door sedan. Very innovative. My ‘49 came from the factory with a very nice fabric front seat while the rear utility seat was vinyl covered in the same shade of green. Very unique and fun car!


Alright. I love 4 door cars. And NO you do NOT have to have only two doors to be a cool car. Not everybody thinks only 2 doors can be beautiful.

Among my favorite 4 doors are: '57, '63, and '66 Chevy Impala hardtop, '64 Mercury Breezeway hardtop, '56 DeSoto hardtop, '73-4 VW 412, '66 Chrysler 300 hardtop, '64 Cadillac 4-window DeVille, '67 Chevelle Malibu hardtop. All are beautiful, and there’s probably more I can’t think of off the top of my head., But hands down, my most favorite of all is the '67 Corvair.