Question of the Week: What’s your favorite four-door?


1969 Olds 98 Town sedan, Formal doesn’t get any better looking!



First of all there are two kinds of cars, Fords & Non-Fords. Four Doors are OK on a street rod up to 1940. After that they are all ugly.


No doubt ‘65 4door HT. was a unique ride. Mine was a 3 on the tree, 283, sounds great don’t you think?’

Took 4 chicks to Daytona Beach in '70… for Spring Break! Not one of them could drive a stick! From Mt. Pleasant., Mi.


Any one of these…%24_12


62 FURY 361 HP/727


I’m shocked I had to go through so many responses before I found the ultimate 4 door. Hands down the 60’s Continental.


I’m pretty much a 2 door guy but my latest hot rod is a four door Chrysler Town&Country New Yorker. They made the same wagon in a 2 door Dodge but I think the more door looks better.


My favorite is the 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood 4 door hard top with the chrome fender skirts followed closely by the 49-51 Merc and, Of course, the Lincoln Continentals of 63-67.


volvo 850 with a 5 speed manual transmission the 5 cylinder engine exhaust note with the right exhaust is so addictive just a blast to drive and practical too


I know it isn’t really that cool… but my first car, I bought in 1986 for $300 when I was 13 years old…
a 1963 Nova. 6 cylinder, 3-on-the-tree, and I added three 1-barrel carbs, headers, and dual exhaust. I wish I could have it back!


I don’t really have a favorite 4dr but I have to say your 58 Pontiac is a beautiful car nice lines and a fine automobile


Oh, yah!!!. It doesn’t even have to move to be art.
Can I have it? But…oh yah, I forgot. I already have a Maserati Quattroporte.


My favorite is the '63 or '64 Cadillac… in a light color… with 4 doors.


Contrary to this article’s author, the Sixties Lincolns only kept the 123" wheelbase from '61 to '63. In '64, and continuing through '69, the Lincoln’s wheelbase was 126". [No, NOT the Mark III.]

I had a '62 sedan for 29 years. I could still smell the factory red leather upon opening a door. But, they’re like a mistress: very nice… but very expensive maintenance. To compare, a similar vintage Cadillac’s maintenance would be HALF of such Lincolns. I have reason and experience to know.


“Step-Down” Hudsons did not come with rear-hinged rear doors: they were conventionally “hinged”.


55 Buick Century Riviera Sedan


That’s a Beauty! I hope to get my 50 Lincoln looking that great!


1940-41 Graham Hollywood