Question of the Week: What’s your favorite hood ornament?

I like the clean sweeping lines of the Ram on the post-war Pilothouse Series pick-ups.

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I remember these, yes, nice.

Spirit of Ecstasy! Definitely.

Jaguar Leaper. Jaguar Leaper. Jaguar Leaper.

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My 1925 Dodge Brothers Coupe had that.

Packard…Ask the Man Who Owns One. This one doubles as the antenna.


Sorry 455webley. I did not see your earlier post…

Mack Bulldog … Best ever

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I like MGs and the mascot “Midge” of the Midget Series cars is great.


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Pierce Arrow’s Silver Arrow makes my socks roll up and down!

I loved the Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire ornament - a Sphinx, in solitary splendor.


My personal favorite would be the hood ornament that Nash did back in the 50’s.



Totally agree. The “Flying Lady,” designed by WWII pinup artist George Petty, has to be one of the best hood ornaments ever. One adorns my 1955 Nash Rambler Custom Sedan.

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My favorite is my thumb. I hold my hand up, stick up my thumb over the hood and it will fit any car I like, I can put it my pocket, and no on can steal it.

Another George Petty-designed Nash hood ornament:

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Advertising image

70’s Cadillac–Not to flashy, not to small

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Always like the optional hood ornament for the '41 Chevy, the one of the flying lady w/ lucite wings…the 42-48 DeSoto was another good one…

Hispano-Sueza, there shouldn’t be any further discussion

Favorite ornament was a quart of Mobile oil bracketed down to the hood of my $350 1963 Nova convertible so the car had a constant infusion of lubricant directly into the block to replace what was otherwise leaking or burning up. Like a morphine drip for a dying cruiser.

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