Question of the Week: What’s your favorite supercar?


For as long as cars have been around, there has been someone claiming theirs is the best. While every manufacturer might strive to produce the best car it can, some marques reach to produce something that expands the bounds of performance as we know it. Supercars are cut from this cloth.

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My favorite super car is the original Studebaker Avanti with the supercharged engine. I got to ride in one when they first came out, but the closest I ever got to one was a 1956 Studebaker Commander with a Packard engine and 4 bbl carb and that was pretty quick.


Maclaren 570GT has always appealed to me. Can’t say why it stands out among all the other dream cars exactly…it just does.


Ferrari 275GTB four cam


One of the 20 street legal Lotus X180R’s that Lotus sold to the public in 1991. An amazing street legal supercar and one of the least known.