Question of the Week: What’s your ultimate parts-bin car?

If you had your way, given full access to your favorite auto manufacturer’s lineup, what car or truck would you dream up? Call it OEM+, parts-bin plundering, or whatever you like, we all know that there are some great body and powertrain combinations that never got made, but theoretically could have been put on the market. Even if shoehorning an engine into an tight engine bay might have been an issue.

Photo- Jeep

For example, who wouldn’t go for a Wrangler or Gladiator Rubicon with a Hemi V-8? Or a turbo 3.8-liter-powered 1988 Fiero. Even an Olds Quad four would have been a big improvement and was in production by the Fiero’s final year.

OK, let’s hear it, what’s your pick for the right powertrain, interior, or options into your favorite bodystyle?


A third-gen Ford Lightning for sure. I realize the VooDoo is a bad fit for a truck, but Ford has got to have a nice powerful engine that they could stuff in a regular cab/short bed pickup. Please Ford?

The Holden HSV GTS-R W1. It is essentially a C6 ZR-1 powered Chevy SS. Sure, the Hellcat Challengers make more power, but the Holden is WAY cooler in my humble opinion.

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I might just be a simple guy but I would take a 2004 Infinity M45 or a 2001 740iL if I had all the parts and the polish to make her the queen of the garage.

V8 RWD Dodge Daytona. Mopar offered a conversion kit, but making that available right out of the showroom would have been much more significant to compete against the Mustang and Camaro.

80’s Monte Carlo SS would have been a good candidate for TPI and stick

More recently, Fusion Sport can keep its great TTV6, but toss on some Brembos and magnetic ride suspension and it would have maybe had some personality.

Lastly, a Malibu SS with the Regal GS drivetrain. It’s a shame Chevrolet has become so pedestrian like Toyota did in the 00’s

Experimented with putting a Grand National turbo engine into a 1978 Mercedes 300CD diesel coupe. Experiment showed that with a little machining, an S10 drive shaft yoke would bolt up perfectly with the M/B differential and still use the OEM M/B seal. Car was crazy fast but never quite worked out the steering geometry. Ended up breaking it back down for parts. It was called FrankenBenz.

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Always wanted the 2004 Audi A6 2.7T manual with the factory V8 ‘wide body’ body work/wheels, etc.

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Chevy 4wd shortbed with 502ci crate engine and 3/4 ton axles. You could drive over anything and do it fast.

Somebody probably has actually already done this, but a VW Karmann Ghia type 3 with an air cooled porsche 911 engine.

1961 Ford Falcon 427 sohc my Dream car. That should have been a factory option lol

A mashup of the Mazda Miata and the Mazda 323 hatchback to create a Miata GT inspired by the MGB/GT. I kept waiting for this, but of course it never happened. Miata Is Always The Answer, but not this time.

The first vehicle that leapt to mind when I read the headline was a quad four Fiero. Having owned a few, as well as an Olds Quad 442, I always thought that would’ve been a great combination. I was disappointed with the performance of the 151 cid four - no appreciable torque below 2,500 RPM and out of breath by 4,000 - and the 2.8 six wasn’t much of a sports car motor, either. The Olds was a screamer, but it drove from the wrong end and it had all the styling of a cardboard box. Together, they were two parts of what could’ve been a great car, crippled by the GM accounting overlords. Oh, and they should’ve left off the valley cover and polished & finned the cam covers and timing cover.

LS3 powered sedan 6MT isn’t bad. Love that car, and your right, I’d never turn down more power!!!

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1959 El Camino with Corvette independent suspension, steering,. LS whatever engine, 700 transmission, Ram 20015 radio by Alpine, likewise the seats, interior, AC and Deep Cryrstal,Cherry paint and anti-lock brakes. 1960 Corvette Kelsey Hayes wire wheels (think route 66), anyone manufactures LED lights, rear view camera with dash screen and security system.
Man I’m getting soft.

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This is a great topic; I recently had this conversation with my brother. We came up with the Ford “300-6” it would be based on the early 90s F150s. Turbocharged 300 inline 6 engine bolted to a 6 speed manual trans and RWD only. Then lowered on sport suspension and some sticky tires with four wheel disc brakes. Also I had a 2006 Monte Carlo; it should have been an LS RWD ride😎

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I would have loved to put a Gen III Hemi in my '71 Duster, but alas I sold it a couple of years ago.

The new MKV “Supra”.

Make the Falcon a 1963 two door hart top and I’m with you

You show a picture of the new Jeep truck and you have to ask? Just make that Jeep a regular cab and I would be all over it. I told the wife when I saw the 4-door only “truck” that Jeep saved me a lot of money. I am not tempted.

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