Question of the Week: What truck would you take “over the river and through the woods?”

This week is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, and we think maybe it is because folks are doing it all wrong. The old song describes going over the river and through the woods, not under the overpass and left at the Burger King. For a classic kind of trip you are going to need a classic kind of truck, so tell us what your choice would be below.

The truck evolved as automobiles eschewed the novelty factor and reliability reached a point where they could be trusted by those who relied on machines to do the work of the horse that made them money for years. The function over form origins of the truck gave way to a blend that gave us greats such as the 1967-72 Chevrolet C10, the 1954 Ford F100, and the International Scout, to name just one small section of time.

We want to hear your choice though. Given the task of getting to Grandma’s house by off-road means, tell us the truck you would choose to get there in the comments below.

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Question: What’s the best offroad car?
Answer: A rental in your girlfriend’s name.


If your going to go “over the river and through the woods” you need a classic 4X4, like my all original 1967 Chevrolet K10.


1946 Dodge Power Wagon. Spent a summer in one on a ranch in Wyoming in 1974. Would go anywhere!


JEEP COMANCHE (because that is what we do)

My 1959 chevy Apache…it’s gone thru so many rivers and camped in so many woods, a little trip to Grandma’s would be just a joy …Merry Christmas!

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Lamborghini LM002. If it quits someone will surely stop to look and give you a ride home.

My 1978 Dodge Power Wagon. Even with 850,000 miles, makes trip easily


A Chevy Apache. While I like the look of the early ones best, any year will do. The cool name alone is a draw for me. My neighbor had a ‘55 or ‘56 for his business when I was a little kid, and I loved my opportunities to sit in it and “drive” it.

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I would take my 1994 Hummer (Hm Vee). You can lower the tire pressure from the driver’s seat for better traction, it can ford a small stream as deep as the snorkel at the bottom of the windshield, and it can craw over anything that get in the way. 14 “ of ground clearance. Diesel turbo charged, 8 feet wide of American Pride. Even Grandma wants a ride!


That’s easy, I only have one truck, my 1958 GMC 100, WideSide, Longbed.


my sport trac works just fine

1993-1995 first generation lightning!

Hagerty Folks,

If I was going to take my Truck: “Over the River & Through the Woods” OR “Through the River and Over the Woods” - I would be driving our completely stock, 1962 DODGE WM-300, Flat Fender Power Wagon with a Mechanical Winch. Too bad I can’t post a picture.

This truck won’t need Anything to go Anywhere.


Definitely a 1954 Chevy 3100!
54 Chev in driveway 001|666x500

Pinzgauer. It’ll get you there.

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I don’t have a vintage pickup truck. So I’m not going to post pics of what I own. And I can be more objective. I actually have three choices. And either of them would be great for me.

1-1956 Ford F-100 with the big back window.

2-1957 Ford F-100 Styleside. This is because '57 was a unique year. It had single headlights which gave it such a clean look on the front end. Starting in '58, they changed to double headlights and cluttered it up.

And before you think I’m strictly a Ford man let me offer up the following;
3-1957 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier

These are not just utilitarian but beautiful as well.


Early FJ40 land cruiser or dodge powerwagon


My first pickup was a 65 3/4 ton 4x4 Chevy, a real beast that would gladly go to grandmas house and back, no matter where she lived! 69 Chevy 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive was next. 1950 Chevy ( best unrestored I ever saw, an old timer told me) daily driver for 4 years!!! I still regret letting that one go! Now I am on my second 1993 Silverado 2 wheel drive beast of luxury;)))) But my 87 VW SYNCRO Vanogon is what I will drive today and tomorrow to go over and through the river and through the woods to the grandkids house ;))))))