Question of the Week: What vehicle from 2010–19 will you miss most?

As the clock struck midnight last Wednesday, the closing of the 2010–19 decade caused us to reminisce about the great cars produced during that time, some of which ended production entirely before January 1, 2020. We reflected on these cars and are curious to hear which cars Hagerty readers think might make the jump to collector status one day.

From no-holds-barred Koenigsegg supercars to throwbacks to Lincoln luxury cars, the range of cars produced in just ten years has, likely, never been greater. There is a strong chance more than a few cars of the past decade will be desirable in the far-flung future; but while limited production numbers have traditionally driven the market of collectibility, there are other factors to consider.

Tell us in a comment below which car from 2010–19 you think will be most collectible in the future. Tune in when we compile the most popular results next week to see if your prediction makes the list.



Now, if any of the following features from that era disappeared, sure I’d be unhappy, but cares for that era itself?, nah not so much.

Which features?

Seat warmers
Sat radio
Google android auto/apple car play

That’s all I could think of.



None come to mind. Nothing that will really be missed OR collectible. For selfish reasons, I’ll miss the Solstice GXP/Sky Redline cars, but only because I was really looking forward to Gen2 KAPPA models to see what would be tweaked and possibly convince me to replace my cherry Gen1. Not sure if the original question includes “missing the future”.

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I will miss the Chevy SS, especially with the 6-speed manual. Not a bad looking car and it packed horsepower, driver engagement, and comfort.


SRT/Dodge Viper. Definitely the last of a breed and a special car of the era.


I will miss The 10 cylinder Dodge/SRT Viper! The Shelby Cobra of the modern day!


Volvo C30 - 2dr sportwagon not in the same league as the P1800s but I love mine. Also VW GTI -2 door… I mean back seat access and space isn’t required by everyone- Give me a 2dr hot hatch. (NO I don’t want a Bini - I have a '67 real mini).

I’m still waiting for autonomous cars.


All of the Porsche normally aspirated 6 cylinder engines, especially the Boxster/Cayman…that have been downsized and with added Turbos.

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I will miss the chevy H H R SS…G M performance at 32MPG!! :heart_eyes:

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As a long time Chevrolet Camaro fan and owner of two, I will miss the Camaro Z/28 of 2014/15. A car that was a true track car as the Z/28 was intended! GM bringing back the true (/) in the Z/28 is a more refined version of the first generation of Z’s. The worst was the 2019 Camaro in styling. Hope GM can get it right in the 20’s.


The Cadillac CT6-V. Technically, I think Cadillac considered it a 2020 model, but all units were built out in 2019. Only 275 examples of the CT6-V were built, featuring the twin-turbo 550 HP Blackwing V8 engine. All 275 were snapped up within two hours of becoming available to order. Cadillac was about to do something great with this car, something that could have restored some its faded glory, and hopefully would have added a halo to fuel the sales of its regular offerings. However, it was snuffed out virtually at birth, before it was even able to mature and gain mid-cycle enhancements. Few of us will ever have the privilege and pleasure of driving one of these magnificent beasts, so I guess most of us will never know what we’ve lost, and even fewer will know what might have been…

Don’t laugh, but I will miss the Smart Car. When I leased one, I had fun tooling around the downtown area here in Bastrop, able to make U-turns while everyone else had to go around the block. And it was a real attention-getter, too.

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A decade does not begin with a “0”. The 2020’s begin in 2021. It’s called “math”. This was settled in 1999.


further development and improvement of cars like the Focus RS, an example of a car that is a blast to drive but doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ a bit of a sleeper.


While not a specific car comes to mind I will miss in that decade. I will miss the time when your car did not shut off when you come to a stop. That feature really annoys me and others I know. I think Porsche is still one of the only MFG’s that you can still shut if off and it stays off when you restart the car.

The amount of fuel and extra emissions generated to keep starting and stopping your car goes unrecognized.


I like old cars and trucks, 50’s 60’s!
But to each their own

Dodge Vipers! The best of both worlds. Old school and new


I will miss none of them. The designs were atrocious and tasteless. I am a 50 and 60s person when cars had character as well as power and handling.