Question of the Week: What vehicle from 2010–19 will you miss most?

Actually you are quite right. Modern trash has more and more efficient power. And they do out handle a lot of the ones in my collection. They just look hidueous.

Brands had individual character in the past, though eras of conformity exist:
-if you look at all the cars made 49-54 most of them have that shoebox Ford look that reminds you of a derby hat.

-55-57 the rear fender bumps go away and fins begin. Unlike the 55 Chev, nearly everything becomes an entire front end of chrome. Rooflines emulate the customs of the early 50s, some brands revert to 14" rims to get lower stance.

-58-61 is outer space. Some wore it well. Some were hideous in their day, but are beautiful freaks today.

-62-64 is a basic boxy look… you can see how a 64 Impala ended up as an 81 Impala as you basically simplify the stampings. With the late 60s “Coke bottle” and the hidden grill fad in there as well. [Some of my favourite vehicles].

-70s gets called malaise, but the bigger issue was lack of performance and a very dated style for items like opera windows, half vinyl roofs, matching interior colour in that unique 70s palette, designs hurt by bumper mandate, etc. Plus the concept of plush luxury as seen in the 70s didn’t translate forward.

-80s is more boxy, some wedgy (Camaro, Firebird, Nissan). There are some great looking Japanese cars from this time, though you need to see the JDM examples most of the time. The Jetta look arrived here too imo.

-90s some of the SUVs are good looking. The jellybean conformity (why does everything look like a Taurus?) really started to take over though. Nissan Skyline goes from a standout design to just another jellybean (NA got it as an Infiniti sort of) as one example. This is the peak of the minivan though…

-2000s to now you get the rise of the crossover and the sea of beige/tan, black, white, silver giving way to the sea of black, white and silver. Still mostly jellybeans aside from the odd (Nissan Cube, Kia Soul), the retro (Mini, Challenger) and the trucks as this is the Canyonero era of truck design.

So yes, it would be nice if style could return and/or move on from the 30 year jellybean fad.

Actually the author is quite correct but for a different reason. Any consecutive group of 10 years is a decade. 1966 - 1975 is a decade. However, roman calendar decades are specific groups of 10 years.
The “new” '20s (as opposed to the roaring '20s) started on January 1, 2020.
But the 203rd decade won’t start until 1/1/2021.
Similarly the 1900s started 1/1/1900 but the 20th century started 1/1/1901.

Sorry to tell you but you are a '90s baby born in the 198th decade.

The author is correct 2010 - 2019 is a decade because it’s a span of 10 years. However, while the 2020s started in 2020, the new decade (203) won’t start until 2021 as defined by the Roman Calendar.
There is no year zero. Therefore years 1-10 are the first decade, 11-20 is the second and so on.

The Jaguar F Type coupe without a doubt.

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C7 Corvette with a manual transmission. That’s why I just went out and bought a '19 Grand Sport with the 7-speed manual transmission. Sooo bummed the new C8 only comes with no third pedal.

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Yes. However, we are not on the Roman calendar. We are on the Gregorian calendar, corrected during the time of Pope Gregory, which is slightly shorter than the Roman calendar . Google that one for an education.

All enumeration always begins with one, not zero. All else is merely Much Ado About —not much.

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Well, the one I will miss the most came right before 2010 and that is the Pontiac’s especially the G8. As well the not so distant cousin the Chevy SS. But for me the one I miss the most and I consider it a collector item already is the CTS-V Wagon. I love love wagons and the way how those perform only makes that love stronger.

However, after going to the DC Auto show last week, I am still in aw of how many cars, that will be taken off the road and replaced by SUV’s. The landscape will be much different in the years ahead.

I have one in the garage and was asking at the DC auto show, if a Hell Truck was coming to a disappointing no. Mine is a single cab 04, and my buddy brought a new single cab chevy in 18 and I could not believe the search to find a single cab anything. Trucks today are will much different than the trucks I grew up with. Then a Duel Cab 3+3 was like one in a 100 and today it’s the single cab.

Mine is a single cab 06. Just turned 13k miles. I love it !

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Full size Lincoln and straight six Jeep TJ.