Question of the week: Where is the weirdest place you’ve bought a classic car?

Recently, we tracked the story of a lost and found Plymouth GTX that is currently on auction through a local Northern Michigan Sheriff’s department. It got us thinking, where are the other places you could reasonably acquire a classic car besides your typical car lot or auction site?

Sometimes the secret to getting a deal on a sweet ride is just that—a secret. If you are the only one who knows the car is for sale, that can be a situation ripe for a sweet buy. With more demand from multiple buyers, the seller suddenly has options and a good cause to maximize opportunity. And of course, while it’s always preferable to save money, there are some moral gray areas when it comes to buying a car off of someone —who might not know better—for a steep discount.

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Is there an avenue that where you find a deal from time to time? Police auctions? Estate sales? Tell us about it in the comments below (if you’re feeling generous enough to share).

I find buying cars,parts,and collectables from fellow collectors is the best way to go.They are knowledgeable and usually realistic on pricing. A casual conversation at the local cruise night can lead to a find too. I bought this rare '25 Buick coupe from an estate.It was restored in the '70’s and squirreled away in a heated basement garage.


In my case, I just got lucky I had a 1957 Pontiac Chieftain before I went into the Army in 1961 and a different one when I got out in 1964. A '57 Chieftain has always been #1 on the list of classic cars I’d like to have. A guy living here in the same town had a frame off restoration of a '57 Chieftain in California in the early 90s. He did it as his first car was a '57 Pontiac (Mine was a '49 Pontiac.). He put the car up for sale here in town and a friend told me about it. I could not resist taking it home.

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Everyday drivers- recently bought a P71 detective “street option” Crown Victoria’s at an auction.
Collector cars- nearly all I found in Craigslist.

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Auto Trader
Found our 50 Chevrolet 3100 and our 48 Chevrolet Convenable

Cops, Firefighter and UPS drivers find the best cars. They are up driveways all day and it isn’t hard to start a conversation on what is under a car cover.

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A few years back I was in the market for a 64-72 El Camino. I perused all the usual internet sights but only found ones that were either over priced or just plain junk! Then one day I was on craigslist when I saw an ad from a dealer that sold big rigs and trailers. Someone had traded in a 66 El Camino on used big rig! It was a numbers matching 327 & PG car in #3 condition and I picked it up for $7500.