Question of the Week: Which automotive tuner is your favorite?


Have to go with Baldwin-Motion, you could whatever level of performance you wanted to just about the whole Chevrolet line-up…Insane power options…

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Smokey Yunick of “Smokey’s Best Damned Garage” Daytona, FL. Helped put NASCAR on the map for over 20 years! A genius mechanic and car builder!

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I like how Baldwin-Motion found so many ways to use the L-88 and L-72 427s, especially the L-88. However a less famous tuner made one car that stands out as both unusual and fast. Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge of Chicago was mostly known for its Grand Spaulding Sport (GSS) Darts stuffed with 440 Magnums. However, in 1972, when compression ratios were lowered, they did a GSS Demon 340 with a Paxton supercharger. It was a solid 13 second - 100+ mph car on its stock Polyglas tires at a time when other muscle cars were slowing down.

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Definitely…Motion Performance…l88 hood on a Camaro big block…awesome.


Guldstrand Motorsports for Corvettes.

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Well, Yenko for big block Chevys, but Dinan and Alpina for BMWs!


For me, there is nobody like Motion Performance. Not only the performance aspect but the visual aspect as well. I did and still do love their creations, all of them!


Most definitely Motion! Dad had hugger orange 69 Camaro with the 427 and that thing was nothing more than a race car with licence plates - 1st ride my grandma took with him right after he got it scared her so bad she wouldn’t ride in it ever again! He and my grandpa got off work at about the same time and they would race up Brandt Rd - long straight stretch that lead up to our road - whoever pulled in th e driveway first won. Grandpa was driving his 62 Buick Invicta convertible with the 401 in it - he never won…:grinning:


AMG is my number one favorite. I also like Alpina and there wonderful take on BMWs.


I dont believe anyone has mentioned Tasca ford, they were a little more than just tuners as they spearheaded stuffing big motors into mustangs and likely were the idea that ended up being Karkraft
as well as fabricting highpo cars they raced successfully in many different motosports venues.


My choice of my favorite Tuner was my 1940 Plymouth Coupe. A standard business coupe until equipped as a Sports Coupe.
A high compression aluminum head, raised horsepower to 75. With a sun visor on the passenger side! And a cigar lighter.
What a wicked and powerful dream!
Could beat any Chevy off the line.
Added Whitewalls made it beautiful!


Being from the Burgh, I grew up with Yenko being nearby. Can’t believe I let that opportunity get away.


??? Myself of course, what a silly question…

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