Question of the Week: Which car best symbolizes America?


We all know that George Washington rode into battle in a Dodge Challenger ( if one had been available at the time, sure, maybe the American Cincinnatus would have chosen a Challenger), but is there a more fitting choice than that? Because this Wednesday is July 4, the 242nd anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence, we began wondering what the most American car is. We’re not just talking about what’s on the window sticker and parts content—eight signers of the Declaration were born in Great Britain or Ireland, after all—but one that best defines America with its look and perhaps a few revs of its engine.

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The 1957 Chevy - hands down


1987 Mustang GT hatch back. The best of the worst years of American cars… the 1980’s


Easy: SC Rambler and the Machine–most patriot cars out there, color-wise, and from the most patriotic company: AMC–American Motors Corp.


The USA that once was is best defined by the 1963 Split Window Corvette.

America today is best defined by this one below - an amalgam of parts, divided, each going in different directions (with a fool at the wheel) :slight_smile: Funny, not Funny :frowning:


How about a 1974 Spirit of America Nova? White with red and blue stripes and an American Eagle on the fender and rear hatch…



Not only did the Rebel Machine have red, white and blue stripes, but they were reflective and seemed to glow in the dark! Also, how about the 1972 Mustang, Maverick and Pinto Sprint Editions with the red, white and blue stripes. The comment about the 1987 Mustang? Correct me if I am wrong, but the point of this subject is cars that symbolize America,

I guess because of July 4th coming up. I am from Canada and even I get this.


Ford Mustangs from the 1960s


It’s not a car. It’s a truck that says America. Early 60’ Chevy


Gotta be the Model T Ford, which put America on wheels.


Well, I’m not particularly a fan of this car as I like the '58, '59 and '60 Impalas better BUT I truly feel the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air best symbolizes the good old USA.


Hurst sc rambler no doubt about it.


For me, no question it’s the Pontiac GTO. it’s more than just the car itself but also has to do with the way it came into being. The fact that DeLorean and Wangers were able to sneak this thing past the GM corporate execs to make it a reality typifies the independence of the American Spirit in the determination to do something that they really want to do and that they know is right even though it’s not popular at the time. This car is the personification of the take no prisoners, No Holds Barred properties of the American Spirit. I rest my case.


There are many, but I think the 57 Chevy fits the bill.


My car: 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible.


Got to be a late 40s Dodge Power Wagon. What else shows the true American spirit of simplicity, ruggedness and reliability with the ability to do anything thrown at it?


try a 1955 Mercury Monterey Coupe…


How about a 'Cuda AAR, All American monster V-8 with shield, stars and bars, red, white & blue.


Included in this group would need to be the 1969 Chevy Camaro SS/RS 396 4 speed Convertible!



I think it has to be pickup As they have been # 1 in sales for over 40 years. My Patriot 51 is one for the 4th celebration.