Question of the Week: Which car best symbolizes America?


Exactly, so, I loved the commercials and that show showing all the new Chevrolets…


My first car was a Blue 67 Mustang with a White convertible top the Interior (never finished) was supposed to be Red leather roll & pleated.




Hummer - Like nothing else and USA all the way!


I’m sorry, but all these vehicles are nice, but when you think of the all American vehicle, there is only one.jeep1


Now were talking! “Jeep is America!”


Clearly, the car of choice for Gen Washington would have been the bi-centennial 1976 Eldorado convertible. Not only did it have plenty of room for all of his troops to cross the Delaware, it was always referred to as a boat!


As much as I would like to bestow arguments to consider the Mustage and the Corvette, both of which I’ve never owned, I think we have to pay tribute to the original Ford Model T. This car paved the way for all other American automobiles. And, they still exist today, in original condition as well as street rods. Not bad for being nearly 110 years old!


I agree with many here, the iconic Ford Model T and the 1957 Bel Air best symbolize America. But that Rebel you picture is hands-down the best representation of “USA” in painted American steel.


The Corvette…the All American sports carimage


59 Cadillac…king of cars!


All those suggestions are great. BUT to the rest of the world the most recognizable, admired, and copied American vehicle has got to be the Jeep.


Slogans like, “Chevrolet…the heartbeat of America” or “See the USA in a Chevrolet” I bet there are more songs that mention Chevy’s than any other.


The 1963-67 Corvettes (in fact all Corvettes)! They have always been the best bang for the bucks compared to the foreign performance cars. The C-2 corvettes were/are really attractive and were very popular when they came out. I owned one 63 Corvette convertible and sold it. I almost purchased a 63 split window coup. from Zip Corvette in Richmond, Va. several years ago. I regret not purchasing that car! I own a 67 Corvette Convertible now.