Question of the week: Which retro-designed modern muscle car is your favorite?


09 shelby KR. The one and only.


NO CONTEST…Challenger


@hank46052 - That looks SHARP in that maroon color. Nice car!


Thank you!
Really enjoy this car.


The 2012 Mustang is my favourite. I own a V6 convertible. It is a great car to drive and the looks are fantastic. Triple Black with over 300 hp it is just a great car. My next favourite would be the Challenger with the Camaro way behind.


They nailed it with the Challenger and the Mustang just keeps getting better. Chevy had the perfect opportunity to knock it out of the park and bring back the 67-69 Camaro and instead they came out with the transformer that looks like a bad chop job


That’s a beauty, love the octane red with the saddle type interior. I have a Black 69 Camaro Yenko clone with a date coded correct 427, Muncie M22, 4:10 posi 12 bolt rear, a black 70 Chevelle SS454 LS5, Buckets, console, gauge package, Muncie M22, 3:73 12 bolt rear, Air, tilt, power windows and a black white stripe 07 Mustang GT500. I am saving for a Challenger Hellcat Redeye, Octane red. I am 61 and agree that the comfort, balance, beauty and power is what attracts me. It is not as fast as the new Camaro or Mustang around the race track but the sound and tire smoking power will put a grin on my face every time I crank it up and drive it. When I was 16 I had a chance to purchase a 68 Roadrunner coupe with a 383, 4 speed for $1600.00 but it fell through when the annual insurance was more than the cost of the car for a youngster like me. As you may guess I prefer Chevy but I never met a performance Dodge, Mustang or Chevy that I didn’t like.


I have seen a stock 70 Buick Stage 1 out run a stock 70 Chevelle LS6.


Thanks for the compliments on my SRT Challenger. It’s been a fun car and I really enjoy running it through the gears . My first Dodge.

You have a wonderful car collection!
What is the price point on the Redeye?

I’ve had Pontiacs nearly all my life. I have hung on to my favorite of a Lifetime for several decades. I’m the second owner. A ‘65 GTO, Montero Red/Black interior Coupe. It has never been driven in the rain since leaving the factory. It’s a 4 speed, Tripower Car, no power anything. Nearly all original. It’s a documented Ace Wilson’s Royal Bob Cat Car. Not many remain that are actual documented vehicles.
Good luck with your upcoming Redeye!


I have to agree. I owned a 70 Challenger R/T SE convertible back in the day. The new Challenger comes closest to the look and spirit to the original.



I don’t own a Mopar but I agree with you. The new Challenger does come closest to the original look and spirit of the original. But I am sure with many improvements.

I am seriously considering getting one in the first part of the new year. Just can’t make up my mind which one. Entry level, mid or performance? It is a matter of monthly cost. I’m sure I will regret it if I don’t go for the performance. Not Hell Cat or Demon but a worthy example.


2018 Challenger Hellcat


Hands down the Challenger…nuff said…


Challenger as closest to original, but Mustang for the best re-do!!!
I’ve owned 21 Mustangs, best - "68 GT350 convert. Favorite vehicle - (produced) '70 'Cuda 440+6 convert. “Funest” - '26 T-bucket. Instant GONE!!!