Radwood Philly: Boxy ’80s and ’90s beauties take center stage


Car shows these days are nearly certain to tick a number of boxes. They'll feature metal flake-painted muscle cars and finned cruisers with trophies perched on their front seats. Fuzzy dice hanging from mirrors. Small model cars sitting on the dashboards of the cars upon which they were modeled. White-haired men clad in Hawaiian shirts and sensible shoes. Oh, and there will probably be Corvettes.

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The best car I ever owned was a '91 Chrysler Le Baron convertible with the little 2.2 liter Mitsubishi Turbo motor. It was quick, handled well, and shocked a lot of guys in 3 Series BMWs. I bought it with 15,000 miles on it, put 65K more, sold it to a friend’s teenage son who put another 10K on it before he totaled it. It was absolutely trouble free. I put Pirellis and KYB gas shocks on it, and it handled like a sports car. It was reasonably stylish, the top worked with virtually no effort, and it was comfortable for a small car. The people who heap scorn on K cars have never owned one like this.


My wife had an Aries K in the 90’s. It was her horse and she loved it. She still laments on occasion that she no longer has it. When she does, I offer to find one, buy it and fix it up so she can drive it instead of her Grand Cherokee. The answer is no.

Chrysler’s talking K-car was oh-so-1980s

I bought my wife a 2.2 Turbo powered 86 LeBaron GTS off of a used car lot back in the early 90’s and put another 170,000 miles on it (after it already had 115, 000 on the little digital odometer). We DO miss that car! The burgundy paint died long ago, but we never had a speck of trouble from the car other than one head gasket at about 200K miles. The little trip computer in the console was pretty cool but the buttons wouldn’t let you select the functions as easily as it once did, but oh well! The little computerized voice reminding us “Don’t forget your cheese!” when we left the keys in the ignition was also a bonus!


@johnvukovichjr - Those voice commands are awesome. That’s even a step above most new cars today.