Raiders of the Lost Car: The Mercury Marauder X-100


Twenty feet of personal luxury, a 429 V-8 under a seemingly mile-long hood, and one of the coolest names ever to emblazon a trunklid: The Mercury Marauder X-100. It may not have lasted long, but it shouldn’t be forgotten, either.

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There is no nice way to say this, but it must be said, that was one very ugly car back then; and it is even more so today. No it didn’t last long because no one wanted to buy that beast. In those days there were so many great muscle cars to choose, why anyone with even 20/200 vision would want one of those? Sorry this must be said.


I disagree. I think the Big Merc was quite good looking. I have seen several and know where at least one is. Great riding cars and styling, as most Mercury’s are. When it comes to sixties styling ugliness, I have to go to the Mopar camp. Now those cars, engines, and interiors left alot to be desired. Mercury was the best…Ford and Chevy somewhere next, GM and Mopar bring up the rear. Sorry, this must be said as well.


Oh, I disagree pfranklin; the X100 is beautiful. Long, low, with hideaways and rear spats; blacked out trunk, a lux-ed out bucket seat/center console interior, and a 429 under the hood. THIS is late '60s personal luxury muscle at its best. Merc’s answer to the '69 Grand Prix. These cars are one of the '60’s best kept secrets.


These are gorgeous cars-- I have been looking for just the right X100 for my garage-- red, black tunnel; bucket seats with console, power windows and air conditioning


Here’s how the 1969 Chevy Impala and the Ford LTD. performed:


Well of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in terms of late (or even early 1960’s cars) I personally think the Chevy muscle like the high end Camaros and SS396s were the coolest. And from how Hagerty estimates their value this seems to be their opinion too. Next would of course be the Pontiacs and of course the GTOs like the '64, 65, 66, 67 and maybe the '68 in that order. Then of course almost all of the Firebirds until the mid '70’s. As for Ford the only car that really caught my eye were all of the Mustangs until the 70’s when it really got screwed up looks wise. As for MoPar, well that is a most interesting historical argument. Back in the mid to late 1970’s and much of the 1980’s most of the collector automobile community which I was a part created the term ‘MoPar Curse’. What that meant was that nearly all of the MoPar muscle didn’t come close to the GM and Ford muscle car values. No one could argue with the awesome power of those cars nor was anyone dissing their looks. They simply did not enjoy the high market value of the muscle cars from the other two automotive giants at the time. But hey, guess what that is no longer true today. In fact some would argue the opposite is true today. So it seems tastes and preferences are always subject to change. The guys even much older than me with the large bank accounts are the ones shaping the market values. An of course that is subject to change as younger generations with large bank accounts will one day decide on what has the most market value.


You’ll need a big garage! I think they’re pretty cool looking now because you don’t see them anymore. I guess when they came out I thought they were decent looking but I never had a desire to own one, but now I would. I always wanted a Corvette when I was a kid, I’ve owned 3 so I was fortunate in that aspect. I still want a 60 Corvette but my bank account says otherwise.


Soooo, here now a few months later I found one! Not the color I wanted but it was so very very ![image|690x388](upload://tF769JWPRT3Drm6wxekAm0Hu8jq.jpeg good I had to buy it!



I have never been a fan of the Chevy or Mopar over all as far as design goes. The never were very attractive or refined. That said, there were a few exceptions that were nice, Buick GTX, 69 Camaro’s, Challenger, and the Plymouth Duster… I do like the Mercury Marauder but it is just too big to be practical. But Mercury styling is very attractive and refined and the engines were very powerful. They just don’t make them like this any more. Sad.


Well the first time I saw one of these was in the Crestline book about Lincoln - Mercury Cars. LOL I was so in love with the “look” of this car, I just had to have one. Sure enough I found one a couple of years ago, and it had actually be kept by the Original Owner for 30 years, 1969 through 1999! And I have the “service records/bills” to prove it.
I love driving this car, and indeed, it “floats” down the road with ease. It’s hard to keep it below 40, it just wants to go with that big, bad engine. And talk about “unique”! Try find 2 of these together anywhere. I love it and hope to keep it myself for another 30 years.



One of the reasons I so love my Mercury Marauder is that it reminds me of the 1965-66 Pontiac Grand Prix! There is just something about that car that I always loved, and still do! Again, that body for the Grand Prix was also only a 2 year body, but as a car model, so many more of them were built vs the Mercury Marauder X-100. And that “crazy” Semi-Gloss" back area, along with the Fender Skirts, just makes the car that much more “Bad Ass” looking! Throw in the fact that only 8500 of them were made, it’s just a Very Rare, Cool Car! Just my 2¢.


None of the people that think that it is ugly tell us what they do like…probably a Camry or Accord or some BMW. Anyway, I remember these when they came out and remember always checking for the X-100 badge. I wasn’t quite old enough to drive and a long way away from affording one. I still loved Corvettes, Challengers, Chargers, Camaros, Torinos and Mustangs, but there was something about this big beast. By the time I could afford one, I couldn’t find one. I did find a '67 4-door T-Bird. I’m always on the lookout for a Red/Black X-100. Maybe one of these days.


I had my 69 Marauder X100 out for a ride last weekend and I plan to do the same this weekend since the weather is so nice.image


The Mercury Marauder X-100 isn’t even in the “class” of cars you’re talking about! It’s not “really” a Muscle Car like a Camaro, Firebird or GTO, it’s more of a “Personal Luxury Car” like a Grand Prix or 2 Door Thunderbird of the same era. It’s just a big, powerful, comfortable Cruiser! As for it’s style, you either Love it or Not! LOL I love it’s looks, and it’s incredibly comfortable ride, and it really doesn’t want to “go” less than 45 mph anywhere. Sadly, they only made around 8300 of them and at best I think less than 3000 of them survive to admire and enjoy today. I feel lucky to have mine.