Rare Zanardi Edition NSX comes back from the brink, just like the legend himself


When Mitch Farner was a boy, he convinced his mother to drive him down to his local Acura dealership and shine her car's headlights into the showroom so he could see the NSXs parked there. Later, he would get a job working at that dealership to be closer to the car he loved. When Farner was 18, he bought a crash-damaged 1991 NSX and repaired it over the course of a year. In his 30s, he bought the Championship White 1994 NSX that he now owns, which is well-maintained but not a garage queen, with 240,000 miles on its odometer.

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Fantastic story, and Mitch is truly an asset to the NSX community.

It’s worth noting that VIN #0 is roaming the streets still to this day. A gentleman found it in a barn and restored it to it’s media showcasing glory. It is registered as a 1998, and is the only 1998 Zanardi in existence. I had the pleasure of doing laps with the car in my run group during NSXPO at Road America. VIN #0 Zanardi was voted an event favorite and the car was brought up on stage. At the time, the owner was in pursuit of documentation/provenance from Honda.


What a great story. This made my day. Happy for Farner, and big respect for his NSX passion.


#OURMANMITCH - What a great story and we are thankful to have him in Indy!


It just goes to show you the different people and cars in area the craftsmen are out there and can just be around the corner and you never knew glad the story has a happy ending for the owner and the car


Just one correction. All NSX’s of that vintage with manual transmissions had manual steering. The automatics had electric power steering. I’m not sure if this had a lighter manual steering set up than stock however. FYI, I’m a former Acura master technician who worked on these vehicles at the dealership.


To me, saying T roof, denotes T-tops (as they have a bar from windshield header to rear roof). These were a true targa top (fully open no center bar), and the NSX-T designation denotes this. Semantics I suppose, but just my .02c worth.


Funny thing about the electric power steering. My 5 speed NSX is a 1995, and, as far as I know, that was the first year for Honda’s electric power steering set up. My car was a daily driver and at 52,000 (1999), the power steering went poof. I drove manually for 3 months as the Tochigi plant tried to find a solution. When the problem was solved, all NSX owners got an extended warranty notice.