Raw fuel smell, 240Z

I have been chasing a raw fuel smell in my 72 240Z for several years through four mechanics. New fuel pump with auxiliary electric pump at tank. Strong fuel smell only when driver side window is open (I do not drive with passenger side window open). See no leak from fuel delivery system under hood. Car is stock. Fuel tank has been rebuilt and exhaust system checked. Otherwise, car is near perfect (#2) because of my credit card! Help

Any tell tale signs of an overly rich running condition? If not then I would still say you have a leak somewhere. I had the same problem from my ‘65 Galaxie. When it finally DID become obvious, I was at a car show. For the first hour, nothing. Then all of a sudden the smell hit even worse than normal and I looked beyond my rear bumper to see a drip…drip…drip…So I got it towed home and put a new fuel tank in it.

I had been finding trash in my fuel filter for months. Had been smelling gas for months. Couldn’t find the leak to save my life until that day. I would double check everything from the tank forward. Tank, sending unit electric pump, fittings. Everything. If you can smell it it is leaking.

Thanks 240’s are known for their smell. I have had my mechanic go over the fuel system, had the tank rebuilt and now suspect it may be an over rich problem. Car runs great but uses a lot of fuel. Since it is a weekend car I have not checked the mileage. My next step. Fortunately my credit card has a pretty good limit, I have no mechanical skills!

'65s are one of my favorite body types, Take good care of it.

Do you know if you have that gas evap recirculate line in a 72? It may be an issue with that.

Thanks for thee reply. The '72 does have an evap recirulate line and it has been replaced and the the EGR valvue is working. I believe there is a leak in the engine compartment (not good) because i get no smell when driving with the windows closed and the dash vent ( picks up air next to the radiator ) is open.