Readers’ choice: The 4 best sounding engines


In last week’s Hagerty Forum Question of the Week, we asked what is the best sounding engine? The responses were wide, but a few revved just a bit louder than others. Here are the four best sounding engines, according to you.

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Ford 85 HP Flathead with early glass packs and 4" echo cans. In a '49 Yellow Ford Convertible. … jim.


Detroit 6-71with a ten speed roadranger.


One of the sweetest sounds I remember comes from a early 70"s Porsche 911 with thinly muffled exhaust at about 4500 revs.


Oops, forgot one… post war Chris Craft Sportsman (22U) with an “M” coming down the channel early in a crisp morning.


Small block Chevrolet in a tri-five Chevrolet with Stahl fenderwell headers…


Best sounding engine hands down is my 2018 GT350R shelby mustang. Period.
Flat plane crank😁


The f4u super corsair “Dreadnought” is a pretty awesome sounding machine. 28cyl 4360cid


Has to be the DTM E 30 M3. High rev and the intake sound is sweet. I read somewhere “I love my art, especially the sound” Matt


I’d vote for any of the 1930’s supercharged straight 8’s from either Alfa or Maserati. Not something that’s easy to hear these days unless you go to the big deal vintage races. There is a touch of that V8 cylinder sound but with a very unique and powerful quality along with the supercharger whine and open exhausts that I found just captivating.
I always wondered if a supercharged Buick straight 8 would have the same results?


I’d suggest the Indy Novi engine. I’m not sure it was the best sounding but it sure was the loudest!