Real Garages - Garage Struggles


Let’s face it: Not everyone has a warm, cozy shop with plenty of work space and storage. There are those of us out there who regularly dream of the day that we’ll finally own a full-fledged shop with a furnace, plumbing and perhaps even a drainage system. And a plasma cutter, hydraulic press and a lift — oh, the epitome of my dreams, a lift!

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Tara, while my garage projects have been two wheeled for some time now, the search for elusive parts, tools and a comfortable work space is never ending. One of the advantages to working on motorcycles is that you can fit 7 motorcycles into the space of one car. One of the downsides is that you have 7 bikes in the space of 1 car! Never enough room!
Worse yet is when you lose your head and purchase a full sized 4 wheeled project vehicle and stuff it in the parking spot next to it!
Unfortunately our passion for our hobby sometimes outweighs our good sense! Never the less, I always smile when I enter the happiest spot in my home…the garage!