Rear brake drum overheating after new brake job

1968 Impala rear brake drum hot after 5 minutes driving. Shoes, wheel cylinder, master replaced, drums turned, emergency disconnected. Heat stays with the drum when switching it to driver side. had a axle seal leak that got the shoes “wet” and that was reason for new shoes, now overheating drum from that side. Am going to try new drums on rear next. Any ideas???

Do you have an actual shoe setting gauge? Since the heat moves with the drum, I’m suspecting that drum is at the max allowable machine limit, if not over. Were the adjusters about equal side to side, or did the one with the hot drum have to be farther out? Did you have to beat the drums off? Drum may be slightly bent if was difficult to remove. I agree that the drums will most likely correct issue. Good Luck.

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I “third” the idea that new drums on both sides would be the next move.
The only other thing I can think of off-hand is scale build-up on the inner face of the drum but that should have been caught when it was turned.

Was the leak on both sides? Either way, you may be in the market for another drum…

Looks like if yours isn’t a police model, rock auto sells them for about $30 u.s.d.

Thanks. Am putting organic/non metallic shoes on as advised when ordering new drums, metal in lining could be part of problem. I bought the car over 50 years ago and rear drums are original. Next will be the pin from pedal to master cylinder that was adjusted prior to problem and all new parts going on both axles. Fronts are cold all of the time???

Not normal. You’d expect more heat up front than in back. The front brakes are supposed to do a majority of the braking

Never had one personally, just thinking out-loud…what would a bad brake proportion valve do?

My first thought would have been it was adjusted with too much drag. But you said it happens no matter what side. Next question is how many revolutions do you get out of it after you have adjusted it with the wheel on?

He’s right. The freewheeling test would tell you a bit more…


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