Reconnect with the roots of your downtown with a cruise in your classic

“It was Wednesday, March 18. It was cold and damp in Los Angeles. We were working the day watch out of Burglary. My partner’s Ben Romero. The boss is Ed Backstrand, chief of detectives. My name’s Friday.”

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The word that came to mind looking at these cool pictures:


What a great idea. Love the sepia tone shot. I’ve shot in front of libraries, college buildings, etc. Any place that reflects the era of your car.

Beautiful pics. What a great idea.

I’m bothered by people that run wide whites and don’t clean them

Well, as the article says, it was raining off and on that day. In general, cars that get used have dirty tires, but open to suggestions as to cleaning products. Nothing I’ve tried keeps them spotless.

No need for a pandemic…this is my 1933 Graham last summer

I use “Awesome” on my 3 1/2" wide whites. Available at Dollar Tree for $1.00 for a quart. Like your car, even with dirty whites. Clean the whites and it’ll look better.

I like that the pictures look real. Perfectly detail the car… and it looks like a static magazine photo op of a car that was trailered in or spent hours being detailed once there.

Drive it so much the whitewalls wear off.

Though try to avoid drive-thru curb scrubs lol.

Try Winter Garden Fl huge cruise in every 3 months on 3rd Saturday Close to 300 car
Also Longwood Fl every 2 nd Saturday 250 or better

If the modern tire cleaners won’t whiten them, try a very wet terry-cotton cloth with Bon-Ami cleanser. If that doesn’t do it try the same with Barkeeper’s Friend, but don’t let that dry on the wheel paint.