Redline Rebuild: Reviving our Ford Model A for the second time

The Redline Rebuild treatment is not just reserved for post-war, big-cube engines. Since Davin likes to keep things interesting, the project he picked to follow an awesome stream of V-8s isn’t even a new addition to the Hagerty garage. The 1931 Ford Model A from the Swap-to-Street challenge back in 2016 was languishing in a corner, largely forgotten. No matter what our plans were for the four-door as it collected dust,, we knew we’d have to deal with the 200-cubic-inch four-cylinder’s penchant for puking its oil out on the pavement.

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I love these rebuild videos! Great editing - especially the scene where Davin is sitting on the bumper watching himself working on the engine. Did it really only take one try to start it up? What’s the plan for the rest of this car? Is there a restoration in the works?

Never seen that use of an induction heater to heat the stud before removeal. Were the studs loctited or is this a standard procedure for this type of engine/block? Can you provide details fo the induction coil/heater assembly i.e. brand and where is can be purchased?

@pcmurphyjr - It never starts first try right?! It took a couple yanks and some futzing, some of which you can see in the last Redline Update before we released the full rebuild. As for the further plans for the Swap to Street Model A, you’ll just have to stay tuned!

@dcarlson - The studs were not Loctited, but rather than risk pulling threads out, some heat was used to make sure the studs would come out without a fight. The inductor Davin uses is a Mini-ductor Venom, which he quite likes for jobs like these studs where a torch could do the job but the Mini-ductor makes the job quicker and safer thanks to the localized heat.

WOW! I can’t imagine the man (and woman) hours it took to do the work, film it, stage it, produce and edit it etc. Amazing work.
Awesome. Gives me hope my Model-A may rise from the garage grave again! Just needs a fresh battery and gas… right? Don’t they all?

What a great video. We recently had our Model A Woodie engine rebuilt, but went with more modern insert bearings. Always heard about babbit bearings and it was cool to see the process, never knew how they did that!
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Thanks for sharing!

Simplicity itself. An hour, hour and a half and the engine is OUT ! I miss those days…

I like the self installing spark plugs and head nuts!

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Fantastic video, love watching this work and the process. It’s a great learning video for anyone learning about these old cars. I would like to be able to slow down the video. Also the babbit bearings bit was interesting. Thank you for the time and effort put in to the video.

@hessy1 - You are in luck, Davin and Ben will be sitting down in the coming week to slow the video down and talk about the what/how/why they did some of the things they did on this engine. Stay tuned for the Redline Rebuild Explained!

Great video. First time I actually saw Babbitt bearings. And that induction heater would be handy.
Just curious - earlier this year you had a cruise that started at the motorplex in Chanhassen. Did you see the model T engine and transmission cut away in one of the garages? Very cool to see everything turning over. Would make a good video to go along with this one.
Like going through those motorplex Facilities. You get a mix of old to new, and a mix of those who just pay for everything to those with a machine shop and do their own fabricating. Most seem to have a monthly open to the public event. Visiting some of these and sharing some highlights might be worthwhile.

Nice touch safety wiring the flywheel bolts on!

  • Jim

No gloves, no safety glasses…They’ll learn while they can still see with their remaining eye.

Wonderful video … and loved the music! Takes me back to 2014 & some fun times with Tom Kortisses, (Restorer with Bratton’s) … endless days on my 68C barn find ! Thanks! John Leydon, Aldie, VA