Redline Rebuild: Watch this Kawasaki KE100 come back to life in 5 minutes | Hagerty Artilces


In this episode of Redline Rebuild, veteran wrench Davin Reckow embraces his hearts longing for two wheels by freshening up a Kawasaki KE100 just in time summer trail riding.

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That was a great Video, it reminds me of the old days when I would do that on a week end. Today’s kids just play games on their phone, what a shame!!!


I like how you do your vids but the choice of bike leaves ALOT to be desired !


You guys just keep getting better and better!


That brought back memories! I still have my small framed Kawasaki KM100 that my father bought for my brother and I way back in '76. How many hours we used that bike, which was bullet proof, cannot be counted. After we were older ( and larger), it was passed on to my cousins, who in turned used it for countless hours. Once they grew out of it, it sat in a shed for a few years. My uncle then asked if I was interested to have it back and gave it back to me, which I have had in my garage for the past 9 years. Sadly, my kids never were interested in riding. I need some young people to ride it for another additional countless number of hours. That little guy keeps soldiering on. What a bike! Love all of your videos.


Where is the crash helmet.


I had a MB1MA Kawasaki 90 (very similar) back in the 70’s. Rode it a few years, then bought a YZ80. I gave the Kawasaki to my cousins who used it for several years then sold it. Would love to have that back. Livio, if you’re looking for a home for yours, let me know. Me and my 15 year old would keep it forever.


The story sounds similar. I am in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Not sure if I would sell it… yet. I love that thing. Holding out a few years for the Grand kids to be spawned. I could be in for along wait. I may have to go into the garage and pull it out and ride around my yard a couple of times. The neighbours would get a hoot of seeing me ride it- like a clown at the circus. It is a small framed bike and I am a big framed guy (6’4", - 255lbs). LOL


Heck yes. Just get it out, clean it up and putter around. I had a Xr-75 a few years back. My son was a little too young for it, but I had a blast.


Love these bikes. I two of them over the years. The funny thing is, when I would ride my Harley to work, it never even got a second look. But when I rode my ke100 to work, everybody loved it.


I like the choice of this bike for a rebuild. At least it’s not another boring Harley rebuilt.

Next please do a rebuild on the Honda 305 motor.

That motor was in a ton of different models as everyone knows.

That motor and other Honda motors from the late 50s through the 60s put HM on its path to US and World domination!