Redline Update: Five-window Chevy grudgingly reaches its new home

You know Davin Reckow and the rest of the Hagerty video crew are in for a whole heap of work on the next Redline Rebuild project when the first tool they use is a shovel.

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Been there, done that.
Pulled a 1951 one-ton out of Kansas.
Front wheels locked up, as was the case here.
Fresh gas, new battery, and she fired right up.
Needed new tires, brakes, and a new water pump to be roadworthy, that was all.

Read the original post while walking our dog Max here in Arizona. When I returned home, I mentioned the location to my wife and her reaction was the same as mine, “We’ve riden by there hundreds of times on motorcycles!”

I’m happy to hear the continuing story. Very cool that it wasn’t left to slowly recycle into dust.

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As the owner of a 1967 Thunderbird, I couldn’t help but notice how nice the trim was on the front of the hood on the pile of rust that you had to pull out to get to the truck. That particular piece of trim is only slightly less rare than a unicorn, so I hope it was saved before the rest of the car went to the crusher!