Relieving Stress

Over the years I have had a number of situations where the stress of life gets to me and I find myself looking for ways to refresh my mind and spirit. I realized that working on one of my projects gave my mind a chance to sort through the issues and put them in the proper perspective. I find it very relaxing to focus on replacing spark plugs or restoring and modifying the interior on my 2001 Ford 150 Lightning. While focusing on the task at hand I find my mind has an opportunity sort out the various items that are upsetting me and in the end I have accomplished the restoration of a vehicle I enjoy driving and taking to local shows. I also take pride in that I have invested sweat equity into my vehicles and challenged myself to learn new skills. The truck currently has 167K miles on it and I plan on adding many more miles on it during the summer months.

There are some issues where I turned to professionals for assistance, i.e the rust work that was required to make the truck a safe daily driver.
That is why I wrench and drive.

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Looks great! Love the work you have done.