Remembering Jim Clark: Racer Brian Redmond reflects on the heartache of a life cut short


Tomorrow marks 50 years since the untimely death of racing legend Jim Clark, which racer Brian Redman reflects on in this excerpt from Brian Redman: Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks. Copyright 2016, Evro Publishing Limited. Reprinted with permission.

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I find it ironic a tire failure caused the tragic crash that took Jim Clark’s life. It was a failure of his left rear Dunlop tire that denied Jim Clark his win 2 years previously at the 1964 Indianapolis 500. I attended that race seated in the first turn and still remember his Lotus coming down the front straight with the LR suspension broken, tread flapping almost like a recap losing its tread and pulling into the grass in the first turn to get off the track. The next year Team Lotus returned on Goodyear tires and won.