Replacement headlights

Looking for recommendation on replacement headlights for 1963 Chevy C-10. Do NOT want to convert to LED but would love to find a plug-in that is brighter.

Are those round or square lights?

If round and 7 inch diameter, you may have options for halogen.

If square (ish) and 4 by 6, also you may have options.

They are the round 7 inch. See attached picture from when my cousin had it in Wisconsin.

17 04 12 front of 63.JPG

Ok. There were a few later year model vehicles with round 7 inch replaceable halogen bulb style headlights.

I’m thinking of vw rabbits and jeep jeeps.

The thing to do, though is measure distance from ground and distance from each other, then measure the 7 inch jobbies you swap them out with. If memory servers, the reflectors for the bulbs are designed to scatter the light around those 2 figures.


thanks, will try that.


If you haven’t replaced them yet, I would recommend GE H5024 7" round halogen. They have a much better pattern than the Sylvania halogen lights.

Thanks, Kelly