Replacing your clutch? Here are some great tips


Taking a car from a broken hulk to driving down the road is a fulfilling experience. One of the simpler, but still intimidating, jobs that a car might require is a clutch replacement. Luckily ChrisFix has created a very in-depth half-hour long video detailing just exactly what you are in for if you decide to take on a job like this.

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A few years ago I went to a friends house to replace the clutch in his 3/4 ton Ford pickup. Just a few hand tools, ratcheting straps and some finess of wiggling the transmission back and forth on a tiny floor jack on a piece of plywood on a uneven dirt driveway. And this was all done without even jacking up the truck since there was enough ground clearance. After it was all put back together I was paid with a case of beer. However next time I really should be using the hoist that I have access to at work on my days off…


Another trick to keep the flywheel from turning while removing the pressure plate bolts is to use a C clamp on the flywheel and brace it against the block.
If the clutch that you’re replacing uses a concentric hydraulic slave cylinder one should replace the slave cylinder at the same time as the clutch. If you don’t it’s chances of failing shortly afterwards are high.
Also don’t forget to inspect the face of the flywheel while the clutch is out, it may need refacing or buffing off w/a wire wheel.
PS, I didn’t watch the video, just read the write-up.