Restoration - Body and Paint Shops


Do you have a recommended list of Body and Paint Shops that do Restorations in Southwest Florida?


@webhale - Currently we do not have a list of recommended shops at Hagerty, since our policy has shop of choice built into the claims process. Hopefully other users in the area will chime in with shops they have good experiences with.


It’s 4 hours from Naples, but Grasso’s Garage in Stuart is premium, and I can personally vouch for Paul’s honesty and integrity. Specializing in Mopar but quality brings business and he’s restored everything from MG Midgets to SOHC 427 Cobras to '57 Olds wagons, and every Mopar on the planet.


Also, a block away is Michaelian Restoration- if you have a million-dollar Ferrari or something that needs the high-dollar Concourse restoration, he’s your guy. Also local is Lane’s Trim Shop, you will not find a higher quality interior/convertible/vinyl top shop.