Restoration help


I have a car I want to have restored and I’m looking for a reputable restorer in the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan area. The job would be mostly paint, reassembly and interior. The car is solid, no cutting or fabrication. Its not a classic but its been apart for a while and I would like to get it back together.


What is the year/make/model of the car you are looking to restore? There might be a shop that specializes in what you have.


Its a '76 Dodge Coronet 2dr. originally a 318 3 speed. I’ve owned it since '78 when my original intent was to stuff a Hemi in it and make it a street terror. That was 40 years ago. I sold the Hemi to a friend who was redoing his '69 Hemi equipped 'Runner (original motor was missing when he bought it). I’m a little too old for the street terror thing so I thought I would do a “what if” kind Super Bee approach, with a 383, 4 speed, buckets, dog dish hub caps, and such.