Restoration Tale: 1954 MG TF


As the owner of a 1954 MG TF, I wanted to offer some tips for a successful MG restoration.

For better safety, if you have wire wheels, use a wax crayon to make an alignment mark from the wheel hub across the wheel nut. In case it loosens, you’ll be able to see if the alignment marks have "shifted" and if your wheel is coming loose. The crayon easily wipes off and it is bad news if your wheel comes off while you're driving! If this continues, check for wear between the splines in the wheel hub and the splines from the axle. When restoring a car with wood framing, soak the wood with linseed oil, which will also leak between the metal skin and the wood. This will preserve and nourish the wood (if it’s not rotted) and prevent rust between the two. Use brass or stainless steel screws on the wood, rather than steel, which will rust.

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