Restoration Tale: 1960 Plymouth Savoy


My 1960 Plymouth Savoy was purchased new by my father on June 13, 1960, from Rossmeyer Chrysler/Plymouth in Metuchen, NJ. Because the purchase of the ‘60 came not long after we moved into a new home, my father wasn't exactly flush with cash to buy a new car. But the 1949 Plymouth he was driving was on its last legs, and a replacement was imperative. Therefore, though a new car purchase was unavoidable, the car had to be of reasonable cost, thus, a 6-cylinder Savoy was my father’s choice. As time went on and the miles rolled by, the choice made in 1960 proved to be a wise one, as the Plymouth provided many faithful, economical years of service as the family taxi, grocery getter, etc. The slant-six that powered what is now my Plymouth definitely gave the economy of operation my father needed, while also giving ample power to haul a full complement of passengers comfortably (six at least) and their luggage.

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