Restoration Tale: 1976 Pontiac Trans Am


So how does a long-time Mopar nut wind up owning a Pontiac Trans Am? First you have a friend who buys a 1974 T/A, but doesn't quite possess the “know how” or the proper tools to work on it. Of course I wound up being the wrench man on that 1974 Trans Am. I didn't mind though, as he was always willing to lend a hand if I needed spare set when I was working on my car. One thing led to another and a different friend of mine also bought himself a Trans Am, a 1975 model. He was better able to handle work on his T/A, possessing the necessary tools as well as the ability to use them. However, as he had also helped me out with my car projects, I often helped him when he needed an extra pair of hands. All this assisting did pay off. For one thing, I had the chance to probe a vehicle other than my own, decide if I liked it and yet wasn't stuck with it if I didn't.

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