Resurrecting a car and trying to meet a deadline? Sometimes failure is an option.


Deadlines. I can hit those when I write, but when you’re resurrecting a 26-year-dead 1975 BMW 2002, it’s best that you don’t rush things. Nevertheless, with BMW celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 2002 this year, my friends began egging me on to drive “Bertha” to Oktoberfest earlier this month in Pittsburgh. (I know, Oktoberfest in July. But that’s when everyone has the time to go on vacation, so that’s when the club celebrates it.)

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I have decided to never let an event or people dictate time deadlines. Let alone cars! My 1970 2002 BMW showed me how time consuming fixing a vehicle and detailing it can be. I replaced master and slave brake cylinders and wheel cylinders and calipers. Had to lower aft portion of 5 speed transmission to get to slave cylinder and then needed to replace driveshaft support bearing. Pulled out pedal bucket and completely cleaned, painted and greased it before reinstalling. Pulled a clutch return spring from another 2002 that I have. Currently had to take the original front valence and another to complete the front end. It is a good little driver but I will next totally strip it and start from the ground up. Patience and don’t rush. Now if I can hurry and get to the other projects! LOL