Richard Huxley’s unrestored Fuelie ‘Vette is roadster driving perfection

The latest Terminal Apex video from Heavy Metal Concepts features a great story of an enthusiastic owner and his car enjoying the drive. Richard Huxley has owned his 1957 “Fuelie” Corvette since 1971 and has put the roadster to good use ever since. “I’ve never understood why people with convertibles think that they’re out of season from October to April,” he says.

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It’s a great story and a neat car, but whoever played music over the engine note should consider never doing it again. Silence is preferable to the music used in car videos. Every single time.

FYI- It’s insured with Hagerty-- of course! Richard Huxley

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@rithux - Keep driving it Richard, we love that you are a member and love your story!