Richard Petty 426 Max Wedge steals the show on latest Barn Find Hunter


Some of Tom Cotter’s tremendous barn finds have come by way of association, word of mouth from someone who knows the kind of things Tom is looking for. Other times Tom stumbles upon the treasures himself as a part of his travels across America. The latter was certainly the case for this particular collection of American muscle.

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I have a built 426 Hemi (bored to 440), new old stock Racer Brown Special ground cam, New Engle gear, New Aries pistons etc, completely finished rotting in my garage along with the 69 Hemi Road Runner I bought brand new. Just waiting to win the lottery so I can restore the body!


Cool guy and his-story but…it’s too bad that where he lives it is WET a lot of the year so the cars suffer but I guess that we all know where there are parts !


Oh, and a reply to Redwoodgrovebc and all you guys that will “fix her up someday”, well someday never comes so set aside a modest amount of time each DAY, say two hours, and GET TO IT ! You’ll be surprised how much you get done and how good it feels.


Ok Tom Would Love To Join You And Your Crew On A Barn Find Episode , Have a Chevy Camper To Follow You Guys In , Just Has A Couple Of Needs Before Its Ready For The Road - IE: Tranny Fluid /Filter Change , And Water Pump Repair/Replace For Fresh Water System In the Camper !!!


Hi Tom , Really enjoyed the video . Very interesting , I’d love to have your job !
Bob I’ve got cobra and corvette in the barn , couldn’t put them down ,