Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow: Affordable luxury or money pit?

Looking to class up your image but not sure which luxury car makes the most economical sense? The Shadow knows. No, not the old radio show. The 1965–80 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.

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What a pile of nonsense. I have been a passionate and committed restorer and collector of Silver Shadow for some 45 years. There is no question their values have risen over the last 10 years. A 10-out-of-10 driver condition Silver Shadow (that means one that is cosmetically beautiful, fully operational, all mechanical services up to date with preventative maintenance carried out - but technically not concours) will sell for around $35,000. Long wheel base models like the 73 they mention; $40,000+. A Bentley T or T2, about 30% more than their Shadow siblings. True concours Silver Shadows have fetched in excess of $100,000. The record achieved 3 years ago at $135,000.

The value assessment taken in this article is like they are talking about the unrestored value of the car. Why?

Yes, they are complex beasts that, if neglected, cost considerable to repair and poor cars do sell cheap as a result. But an all together example fetch’s good money, is NOT expensive to maintain and in today’s market of “what else is around”, represent good buying. Why wouldn’t you talk about these examples and yet, instead set values on the old tired ones? “$15,000 for an excellent condition Silver Shadow” - you show me where?!!

Silver Shadows are beautiful cars, a joy to drive and own and are steadily increasing in value. I just don’t understand why so many auto writers like to say negative things about them. I truly do not.

I agree, I’m on my second 67’ Silver Shadow and like the ride, the styling, the pedigree, the quality. Any older car is expensive when you have to repaint it, replace uph., etc., especially if you want high quality workmanship and you’re paying someone to do the work! Forget about values, buy a car you like & can afford, fix it up and drive it, or buy one for more money, that someone else has already restored, but don’t bitch about the cost!

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I most certainly agree with the two commenters above. Prices of Silver Shadow 4-door saloon and long wheelbase saloons have been steadily increasing in the past several years. It is not unusual to see a fully-documented, beautifully-maintained and original go for $45-55,000 with particularly perfect cars going for more.

I am also disappointed with Hagerty’s lack of knowledge regarding these cars: the Silver Shadow was indeed heavier than the Silver Cloud III it replaced, full power was standard from the beginning. Originally the 4-speed Hydramatic transmission was used on RHD cars until 1969, until it was replaced the THM-400 3-speed torque converter unit which had been used on LHD all along.

If regularly and properly driven and maintained, there is nothing to beat a Shadow, which is still the perfect car for today’s driving conditions. I have been driving them since 1979, putting nearly 750,000 miles on them in the process, and can attest to their strength and reliability.

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Sellers can ask whatever they want for their cars, but a look at recent transactions makes the price range in the article seem somewhere between accurate and generous. A look at ebay shows a plethora of people asking piles of money for them, and not a single bid over $6,500.

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Are you blind? A silver Shadow for $6,500… silly you!!

I went to ebay, most are asking $40K thru $60K but the only ones generating bidding action are under $20K. And the top bids seem to be about $11K. I’d say Haggerty got it right. All the complaints seem to be coming from guys who own one and are in denial.


Here’s a link to the last 13 Silver Shadows sold on ebay. One ‘restored to show condition’ car sold for $25,000. One 1991 Silver Spur incorrectly listed as a Silver Shadow sold for $10,000. One 1968 Mulliner Park Ward Drophead Coupe sold for $26,700. The other ten Silver Shadows? They sold for an average price of a bit over $6,000.

My dear…

Almost every Silver Shadow you have cited there was a parts car or barely a survivor.

And the one you listed as a showcar, is far from it. Known well to many in the circle it’s a text book example of the misuse of the words; immaculate and concours condition. It was very poorly and substandardly restorer.

This is the ebay list you need to refer to.


This is ridiculous. I am just a private owner, not a collector. I bought a nice Silver Silver for $18,000 ten years ago and sold four years later to buy a Bentley T. The Shadow sold for $35,000 and I paid $40,000 for the T which is now worth $70,000. Where are you at Hagety’s getting your low numbers from?

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Ebay is the only source being used here? Think about it, other than bargain hunters and bottom dwellers, what sincere buyers looking for good quality examples buy from eBay. These being sold on eBay are of the poorest examples. Park-Ward Motors has been in business since 1984 and have always specialised in Silver Shadow. I guess, according to you, they just like spending thousands on eBay adverts “just for fun” offering their cars at $40-50,000!

EBay is a poor barometer of real market conditions. Cars being sold for $6,500 or $11,000 - or even $20,000 are cars that require $20,000 to $30,000+ to set right. It’s so tiresome to deal with pundits who in fact have little knowledge of experience of this cars. My background includes completing the Rolls-Royce School of Instruction, and driving/maintaining these cars exclusively for forty years. Mr Sala and Mr Irvine are spot on.

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I also linked to Bring-A-Trailer auction results, where only two of the last nine Silver Shadows auctioned received bids over $12,250. If you’re in the hobby, you should know that BAT is not a place for bargain hunters.

You are completely missing the point and/or clearly off to prove something unnecessarily negative. I have no idea why… so I guess, we will leave it all here.