Rusty 71Mach1,429cj ram air with 19,000 org mi


When i turned 50 i moved to a tropical island. I became friends with one of the locals that has this car. I asked why the car has been parked since 1973 well this is his story. He said just after i bought the car i took my girl friend for a ride. We stopped at a stop sign and i floored it and she went flying into the back seat. When she recovered she told me that i was going to get killed in this car it has been parked ever since rusting away as we speak! It has the original front tires and 1971 license plate! He is the second owner. I talked to him a few weeks ago and he might be finally ready to sell. To bad i never took any pics. Also not far away is a 1969 Torino cobra and a 1969 GTO convertible movie car also a 1956 ford step side. I think I’m going on a small vacation and make a purchase.


That would be a pretty awesome vacation to bring a Mustang like that home! Best of luck!


Thanks! I talked with him about selling the car and he said $80,000 would buy the car. I don’t have the money to purchase it, but if someone is interested in the car i can help.