RV-ing is getting to be a lost cause

For the longest time, I sought an RV or Van which was in good enough shape to drive, but my need was to convert it, someday into an office. Well, I bought a decent V6 Ford, but then the floods came to Texas, and ran me out, so I had to depend upon it as a daily driver now for so long, the engine, tranny, and everything but the body is a rolling heap. Now I start researching small campers and rv’s again, I find that dealers are offering taking trades, giving basically half what they then mark up the resale cost to, or simply sell the trade-in for salvage, so that there IS no used RV market out there. Rebuilding one is a lost cause, and if you are not lucky enough to have a trade-in, or no longer wish to drive RV’s, you cannot GIVE a used one away unless it is mint and low miles.

Pretty much the same as the market for big luxury cars, they have no resale, but dealers are accepting them to sell for scrap so as to keep them out of competition for resale. We desperately need to help kids today growing up to turn wrenches and learn to cope with computers in cars, the days of us old-timers keeping a car as part of the family seems long dead, and it is beginning to show up, eventually, only trucks and electrics are going to replace a familiar friend and recreational part of the household. Maybe there is hope, in the future, with self-drive cars coming of age (IF!) to regain the liking for travel and driving, but we are losing a part of our history which was part of us for more than 100 years! It was not that many years ago people had 3-5 cars, and the older ones were kept up at least well enough to serve as backups, nowadays, you have a car issue, you have to hire a taxi, or know how to use a smart phone to buy a ride,…It’s hard to understand how the telephone has murdered the old car hobby, but it has. If an old car is no longer used, it gets sold as scrap, and then makes it only as far as a crusher. Someone please tell me I am wrong, because I want to be, I prefer a world where there is an old Willy’s Truck in a nearby barn, and Grandpa would find a new home for a car rather than try to sell it as scrap!

I’m truly sorry that you didn’t know that there IS no used RV market out there before you bought one, but there isn’t, and never really has been. It’s like buying a used tent and sleeping bag.