Saleen Mustangs still command a premium price

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that modifying your car will wreck its value. Fair enough. Doing your own “improvements” out back with a hacksaw and a hammer certainly won’t do your car any favors when it comes time to sell, and buyers are often wary of even professionally tuned cars.

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Today even, you can still order a Roush, Saleen, and Shelby American modified Mustangs, each with their own flavor of modifications directly thru dealer networks. It is easier to get your hands on a new Roush RS3 than a Saleen 302 or one of the Shelby American cars as it seems that dealerships have them on their lots. The Saleen and Shelby American cars seem to be special order only, granted you could do the same with a Roush… Shelby American seems to be different than the “Shelby GT350 & GT500” which is confusing.

Neither Shelby American nor Saleen seem to have pricing on their website which is a bit interesting, but Roush you can price out the cost for the conversion…

Ended up with a Roush, It really is a nice car…