Samuel L. Jackson drives a badass Impala SS in Captain Marvel


Like many people with a ten bucks and a few hours to kill last weekend, I parked myself in a heavily cushioned recliner in an overly air conditioned theater to watch Captain Marvel. Don’t freak out, I won’t spoil anything. The movie’s entertaining enough, with Marvel’s requisite balance of action, snark, and dazzling visuals. What surprised me, though, was just how much I respect the fine automotive taste of a young Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson.

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Another piece of interesting content. Keep up the good work Hagerty people!

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Hagerty: Cool car stuff as always. Might wanna keep it to the characters of the movie and how the cars are showcased. Using Jackson as a tagline grabber, poor choice… Muscle Cars and Captain America are as patriotic as Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and the 4th of July, many actors these days are NOT.


The mention of Samuel L. Jackson in the heading is fine with me. I saw the movie and enjoyed seeing the Impala SS - it’s nice having a car like that to remind us what performance was like in the 90s.


Anybody else think this generation of Caprice/ Impala was way ahead of it’s time? I want one of these Impalas. Of course I want a lot of cars…
What about an Olds Vista Cruiser with this same Impala SS treatment from the factory, that would be sweet.


My wife and I are Mopar folks…we own 2 Impala SS’ …94 and 96…along with our 2010 Challenger currently. I have owned, 68 GTX, 71 Charger 500, 68 Ply Fury lll and 01 Intrepid R/T.
We love our Impalas… wouldn’t trade for nothing. We get nothing but respect and admiration where ever we go…The 96 is our everyday driver. Nothing like driving the last TRUE muslecar from Detroit…oh yes, we live just North of the Motor City…oh And they are…BADASS!!!


Yes! I am another Mopar fan from way back, got a couple of Hellcats and some others, but, love my '96 Impala SS. Mama Mopar did not make anything comparable when I got mine back in late '95. Last of the real body on frame rear drives for GM.


I just sold my 96 SS last summer. It was such a special car, that was purchased from a old lady in Scottsdale that used the 38k mile dealer serviced car for her winter transportation. However, after a few short months here on the East Coast, I decided it was time to back west to a garage with open doors. I miss that car alot, but think it was the first car from my collection that my family misses more. Of course at which point they were reminding me of that fact walking out of the theater after the movie. Glad to see that they cool guys still can use the help of a classic street beast for a coolness prop.