Scorsese Movie Cars - Cadillac's In Movies


It’s well known that men of a certain age have an insatiable appetite for Martin Scorsese films. Few films lend themselves to repeated viewings like the modern classics “Goodfellas” and “Casino.” As Gen-Xers (who make up much of the fanbase of 1990s Scorsese films) start to come into some real disposable income, a good number of them seem to have been inspired to collect the cars of their favorite unsavory screen characters — guys with names like Ace Rothstein, Nicky Santoro, Paul Cicero and Johnny Roastbeef. Call it the “Goodfellas Effect” if you want, but the Hagerty Price Guide shows the values of 1970s Cadillacs to be up 25 percent in just the last three months. Here are four of our favorites:

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