Scottsdale steals: 9 cars for less than $15K


Sure, Scottsdale is a one-percenter’s playground. Gooding and RM Sotheby’s were headlined this year by Jaguar D-types bid to more than $8 million, and the bidding increments—or the amount the auctioneers are asking from the next bidder—are often more than most people make in a year. If such money porn isn’t your thing, take heart, as there were many deals to be had in Scottsdale for average Joes and Janes.

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maybe Hagerty’s values are out of focus.

Are the values reported by the owners?


Be serious guys. I own a '65 Mustang 289 coupe, and I can tell you $14,700 for a 6 cyl 1st gen Mustang is VERY STRONG money. No 6 cyl car is going to sell for anywhere near your #1 suggested price of $27,000. You can buy 2 of them at that price.


Lot 1513, the Mustang. In my early days, I owned a 65 and a 66 and judging by the side “vents” behind the doors, isn’t that a '65? The 66 had 3 long “spikes” forward


nice catch that is a '65. I own a '65 289 3 speed fully restored and would love $27000.