Seat time with your Valentine


As long as automobiles have been around, they’ve been there to facilitate romance, taking us to places and forging experiences that we remember. Whether you’ve participated in Hagerty’s marriage vow renewal in a classic car, or if you have fond memories of a drive-in theater where you first embraced your beau, a car is often part of the story.

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I met my wife in high school and it was because of the 1967 medium blue Caprice with the black vinyl top and chrome wire wheels she was driving ( the blonde hair and great looks helped). She turned me down the first time I asked her for a date, but asked again and she accepted. I took her out in my 1965 El Camino for some steak. After dinner, I got sick and had to throw up in a parking lot. In spite of the rocky start, we married after we graduated and have been together for 43 years. Her dad bought the '67 Caprice from his brother who worked for GM, and it is still part of the family because he gave it to us before he died.


My wife and I met during high school. I owned a 1967 red fastback Mustang. At first her mom didn’t want her going out with me because of the car that I owned. We had so much fun on our dates going to the drive-in, Drag races and the beach. We wish we still had that car today! The car was destroyed when I got hit by a DUI drive when I was sitting at a stop sign. I came out of the wreck fine but, our car was totaled a sad for us!


Met my first wife in High School and took her to the drive in movies in my 57 Plymouth Convertible. Great times till I blew up both the Plymouth and the marriage. Met the second wife when I was driving a 71 El Camino and we went all over S. Calif. camping out in the back of the pickup bed. Met third wife when driving my new 74 Eldorado Convertible in a slight rain with the top down. She must have been just about as crazy as I was to get involved, but this marriage still lasts today and the Eldo put me in the poor house during the gas lines of the great energy experiment with the Saudi’s. Today we take the SL550R out for $$$ dinners, just to impress the neighbors once a month. The rest of the time it’s the lowly GLK350 4-matic for desert prospecting. All great vehicles for that stage of my love life and one great wife thrown in. Happy Valentines Day!