Secrets of the mysterious 1975–77 Camaro Racemark GT


Bob Bailey remembers a drizzly spring night in 1975, watching with his father as American hero racer Mark Donohue demonstrated a special Camaro on service roads circling New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Car and Driver scribe Patrick Bedard rode shotgun before later taking the wheel himself.

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I had the privilege of driving Bob’s Racemark GT on the Cannonball Recreation that year. It was indeed an amazing surprise from previous Camaros I had owned and driven. Too bad so few examples were ever built. It would be a great car to have and use - and surprise any number of European cars on a twisty road.

p.s. Thankfully Bob had a radar detector installed, as it saved me from untold expense that morning on the road leading up to Mt. Rushmore. Thanks again, Bob!