Selling a Classic Muscle Car


Hello, I have an “all original” muscle car from 1972 that has been in the family since and need to sell it. What are my best options? I do not have a lot of knowledge or experience selling cars like this. Looking for a hassle free and safe way of selling this vehicle and want to ensure I am getting the best price for the vehicle. Any do’s and don’ts, helpful tips, websites or services that are preferred to sell cars of this nature would be appreciated. Thanks - Mougwia


Sell it to me! What and where is it ?
Usually the Auto Trader, Ebay, Craig’s list, maybe reach out to clubs of that make etc…
ALWAYS be aware of scammers.


It’s a 72 Dodge Challenger Rallye Sport located in Ohio


Selling a classic usually takes time. You need to find the right buyer for the car. A good place to start is with clubs or Facebook groups for your particular car. As far as the “best” price, that depends on many variables and usually the biggest is condition which is subjective. Hagarty has price guides and you can access other sources such as “sold” ebay autions, Hemmings classified and a number of classic car sites to see what the asking price is for similar cars. BEWARE of scammers, they are out there.


Thank you jfredsa. I’ve had several people warn me of “the scammers”. That’s what has me concerned the most about this process.


Yeah, be careful of scammers. There are also a LOT of people out there, that while they don’t consider themselves scammers, they will low-ball you on the price, so that they can “flip” the car for a profit…

No problems making a profit, but when you take advantage of the inexperienced…

A few other places to look for other examples would be Craigslist, etc. But beware, many cars advertised are overpriced (at least for a quick sale), and they are often posted for months at the same price (and many have their prices raised, even when not selling for the lower asking). So you need to price accordingly for the quick sale.

I question the internet “valuation” tools (even Hagerty’s), because they seem to NOT offer a lot of options, etc. They are also geared toward mostly original/correct condition, and many cars out there are stock…
Here’s the Hagerty valuation for the 72 Challenger Rallye…

So you can see, just the condition alone can greatly alter the value… Add some rust/rot, and prices drop quickly… All Rallyes were V8s, but it could be a 318 with a 2-barrel carb, up to a 340/4-barrel… The 340 is definitely worth more, probably 10%-20% more.

Then you need to look at not only the current condition, but has ANY work ever been done to the car (repainted, rebuilt/replacement motor, etc), as these will all affect the value. Original family-owed cars are sought after, and so are “original” cream-puffs…

As for your car, hard to say. E-body Mopars (Challenger and Barracuda) are generally a hot commodity, but 1972 prices start to drop, Then there are things like the options. Floor-shift with console? performance hood (scoops/bulges)? What engine? Rust (HUGE deal for Ohio and the “Rust Belt” states).


Quik_66, thank you for the info, all great questions and concerns that I need to address when creating the sale info on the car and to have available for questions that I assume I will be asked by potential buyers.

As far as the value, I carry Hagerty storage insurance on the car. Prior to obtaining insurance Hagerty performed an appraisal of the vehicle about 5 years ago. I was wondering thinking the Hagerty appraisal number would be an accurate selling value, but after looking at Hagerty’s valuation tool you mention, the values have actually increased a bit since the appraisal 5 years ago. Thank you for pointing this out and I can see I need to do some more research in determining the selling value. Thanks for the info!!


How much? Motor and tranny?
Any pics? Thanks - Max


There are a lot of sites that list cars on the web and other than “personal knowledge of a car” the web is probably how most collectors search for something they are nterested in. Classiccars.com, autotrader.com and car gurus.com are a few of the specialty sites. You should also look at Volo Cars outside of Chicago. They list on their own site and also provide visibility on numerous other collector sites to give you exposure. You would be well advised to highlight ALL of the defects or issues that might hold back the value. Use Hagerty Tools to gain a realistic starting point to determine the value of the vehicle. Keep in mind that you are after a niche buyer who wants what you have. Not like selling a conventional vehicle. Therefore go into it prepared with some level of flexibility. Hope this helps.