SEMA has some incredible cars to see, even if you can’t get inside

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) hosts one of the largest yearly conventions in Las Vegas. Even though SEMA is far more than just a four-day convention, the SEMA show has been so big, for so long, that any mention of “SEMA” automatically leads your mind to the massive displays and new feature vehicle debuts in the desert.

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“…a unique chip that moved the upper edge of the windshield back.”

Ain’t the modern ECM wonderful! Customize your truck’s body electronically!

This Barris custom - Sahara ll was mind altering


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OK, I’ve been to SEMA at least once ( said hi to Carroll Shelby as he was walking thru the parking lot ) and it is a great show but these examples shown are a bit of a yawn to me as they’ve been done a thousand times. I look for things that are unique such as the rat truck which have been done but they just seem a bit more raw than the “smoothies” that are prevalent at most shows. More Raw please !

In picture #12 you can see Corey Caouette to the right of that 4WD rat rod. He’s the young man who made the '27 Dodge coupe on Netflix Fastest Car series, season one. The car was built by him and his friend and it had hand controls and a Corvette motor. If you haven’t seen the series, it’s pretty cool and a bit of fun. Corey was very inspirational and a genuine hot-rodder to the core. His paralysis never dulled his love for cars nor did it ever slow him down. Great stuff.

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What an extremely pleasant surprise to see the Golden Sahara,it really wasn’t promoted as being there and I happened to stumble across it. I enjoyed talking to it’s current caretaker and the lead restorer of this historic kustom car. If you’re unaware of its origin and history google it ,it’s a fascinating story of American Hot Rod history.