Seven 25-year-old cars you can finally import


We call it the 25-year rule. It’s shorthand for a combination of regulations that allow you import any motor vehicle older than 25 years, assuming the car also meets your state’s regulations. Specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency’s 3520-1 form and the Department of Transportation’s HS-7 form are required by Customs and Border Protection to bring a vehicle into the United States. The EPA form has an exemption for engines older than 21 years, while the DOT sets the exemption age at 25.

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I would be really interested to see if enthusiasts would go through the effort to bring over a Subaru WRX. The EJ20 is slightly mythical, but has been attainable in the US for some time. You weren’t able to get a early car attached to the EJ20 you purchase though.


Would love to hear people’s ranking of these. For my two cents:

Delta Integrale
Renault Clio WiIlliams
Skyline GT-R Spec V
Griffith 500
Impreza WRX


I agree - for the most part - however in my experience, there is a butt for every seat.

I had a billionaire client who fell in love and re-imported a 1966 Mustang GT convertible from Spain back to the U.S. Why? Because he wanted to, and he can.

(I don’t judge; after all, I’m one of the few true fans of the Squarebirds and other “eccentric” models!)



Oh, Don’t forget the 92/93 FD Rx7s!!! Keeps the supply of spare parts up and prices down. :blush: